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Real Men are Cowboys & Women Love Them
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Released worldwide on Valentine’s Day, 2020, REAL MEN ARE COWBOYS And Women Love Them, is a memoir/self-help-motivational non-fiction book by my wife social psychologist Dr. Janet Bendell and me. Thirteen chapters of the book contains true stories from my life, some adventure-filled, some humorous, some romantic, some dramatic, and some sad.

Each chapter has some moral message, and is followed by a chapter by my wife analyzing that particular characteristic of manhood. 


I have had a very colorful life as a US Army Special Forces officer on a 12-man A-Team at the height of the Vietnam War, as  a martial artist for over 53 years, as a real cowboy with a real horse, a tracker of fugitives and missing hikers,  as a widower, as a disabled combat veteran,  as a grateful recovering sober alcoholic for over a half century, as a motion picture producer, director, writer, actor, and stuntman, as a politician, as a best-selling author, and as a father who had years of heart-breaking fights over my three children from my first marriage, and who adopted and raised my other three children.    


Janet's part of the book is more clinical, as a social psychologist and analyzing why some men are very attractive to women and many others completely turn women off. We wrote this book to counterpoise the deleterious topic of  "toxic masculinity."  Real women want real men and gentlemen, not mama's boys, wimps, or bullies, which many American males have become.  Equal does not mean identical, but many men have become lost because of extremists trying to make men more feminine. America was founded and created by strong men and women, and we want our country to get back to that.



2011 ReadWest Foundation Award for Excellence in Western Literature.

"Don Bendell is the heir-apparent to Louis L'Amour." - Western Film/ TV Star Buck Taylor

"If you liked Louis L'Amour, you will really love Don Bendell." - Asa Baber, Editor

"Don Bendell will become the next Robin Moore." -  Lady Helen Moore

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"If you liked Louis L'Amour, you will really love Don Bendell!"

The late Asa Baber, former Men's Editor, Playboy magazine.

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